iTrailMap Apps

We have a number of apps available for the iPhone leveraging our exclusive 3D mountain technology. Our focus is to provide advanced mapping mobile applications for your favorite ski resorts worldwide.


iTrailMap is a free version that allows you to download paper maps to your iPod touch or iPhone for use on the slopes without a wifi or cellular connection. As with iTrailMap 3D, the maps are stored on your iPod touch until you delete them.

iTrailMap 3D

iTrailMap 3D combines traditional trail maps with GPS tracking and interactive 3D maps. You can see where you are on the mountain using the iPhone 3G's built in GPS receiver, record your tracks, and upload them to the web where you can view them in Google Earth™. You can also record your total vertical and distance skied.

3D Resort Apps

Our 3D resort apps are mountain specific and developed with a high level of detail. Each resort app has all the benefits of iTrailMap 3D with the addition of lift and trail labels. Now you can see exactly where you are on the mountain. Our 3D resort apps also directly connect you with information on snow conditions, snow cameras, trail and lift open status.

An example of our 3D resort apps based on iTrailMap technology is Aspen Mountain, Vail, and the SkiWelt Resort in Austria. The application leverages the iTrailMap 3D engine and provides additional mountain specific information including the local weather, lift and slope status, and links to the SkiWelt website for more information.

  • iTrailMap

    iTrailMap 3D

    3D Resort Apps

  • Maps of 650+ resorts worldwidecheckcheck-
  • Ultra high resolution paper maps with tiled displaycheckcheckcheck
  • Maps downloaded and stored on phonecheckcheckcheck
  • 3D mountain maps with lift lines displayed-checkcheck
  • GPS location display-checkcheck
  • GPS tracking to record -checkcheck
  • Upload tracks to view online-checkcheck
  • Export tracks to Google Earth-checkcheck
  • Lift line overlay-checkcheck
  • Trail name overlay--check
  • Lift and trial open status--check
  • Weather and snow reports--check
  • Integration with webcam images or live streams--check
  • Resort RRS feed--check
  • Upload tracks to view online--check




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